Super Tuesday 3 Republican Style


With all the hype surrounding this year’s election, I’m sure everyone is aware of yesterday’s primaries. This was a very big day for the Republicans as it could have brought us one step closer to a brokered convention, but alas, Trump came out on top in four out of the five states voting. Let’s take a deeper look into this.

The major highlights yesterday morning surrounded Ohio and Florida, both winner take all states. With Florida’s victor gaining 99 delegates, and Ohio’s gaining 66, these were crucial states for both Trump supporters and those looking to ease him out of the race. With Florida being Marco Rubio’s home state, and Ohio being John Kasich’s home state, both candidates campaigned hard alongside Trump to gain an edge. Marco Rubio vowed Tuesday morning to his supporters that regardless of what the Florida results were, he would be hard at work campaigning in Utah throughout the coming week. On the other hand, Kasich, who has been at the bottom of all the primaries thus far, was ready to throw in the towel if Ohio did not go his way. So lets take a look at the winners:

Florida: Trump – 99 Delegates

Illinois: Trump – 51 Delegates

Missouri: Trump – 25 Delegates

North Carolina: Trump – 29 Delegates

Ohio – Kasich – 66 Delegates

So what does all of this mean? The first surprise was Kasich pulling off the Ohio win. His campaign was confident, but so was Mr. Trump’s and honestly I think a large amount of people expected Trump to put the last nail in Kasich’s coffin, but unexpectedly he took the win and I’m sure he and his team will do all they can to build off that momentum. They say Ohio is a big key to the oval office, and chances are Kasich won’t let us forget that.

The next surprise, which honestly wasn’t a surprise at all, is that around 9pm EST after the Florida results had been announced, despite the persistence he showed about staying in the race, “Little Marco” (Hey, I didn’t say it first, but it is kind of funny) gave his concession speech and officially dropped out of the race. I don’t think any of his supporters are surprised. The real question Rubio supporters now have, is who will the Senator endorse? I see two options here because we all know it won’t be Trump. He can either endorse Ted Cruz and hope that through a combined effort they can knock Trump out of the lead, or he can throw his support to John Kasich. Both Rubio and Kasich have been at the bottom of the list for almost all of the primaries, so he may take the strategy that combining forces could bring Kasich closer to the rest of the pack.

No matter what happens next, The Republican primaries are sure to be exciting right to the end. We have gone a step further away from a brokered convention, but the subject of a contested convention is certainly not off the table. This could be bad news for the Republicans as it will definitely be in the Democrats favor come November. If it is, as the Republicans have stated over and over again, so important that a Republican get into office, having two candidates on their ticket in November will have them at a severe disadvantage. The real question is, If Trump does get the final nod, can the Republicans put aside their differences and join forces for the sake of the party? Or will they take the risk and set their hopes on Senator Cruz? More to come as the debates and primaries continue…

CPAC 2016


Since this was my fist year attending CPAC as a journalist, I find I will need some time to do this post justice, so please visit again soon for a comprehensive account of the weekend!